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Combine Your Financial and Physical Health

financial physical healt

"Sorry for the mix-up. Your financial health is fine. It was your physical health I was looking at."

One of the benefits of obtaining or refinancing a mortgage is that you get the opportunity to fully understand your financial health. The most common complaint, though, is how detailed of a process it is and how time consuming it can be to complete. In the end, people tend to remember these negatives – that’s just the way it is.

The ideal outcome would be to comfortably orchestrate the advancement of your financial health, but yet also improve your physical and mental health at the same time. It certainly would make things easier to contend with the anxiety associated with extensive mortgage documentation – by ensuring that you become or remain physically fit in health, mind and body.

To discover the simplicity behind walking longer distances, learning how to jog or run, or advancing your current running to a whole new level of fitness, I highly recommend that you enroll in the following WalkRun program created and coached by my Olympic Medalist track and field sister (


I can unequivocally state that this program works. I know, because I did it – and I advanced my fitness to a level that I never thought I could achieve in such a short period. Specifically, I improved my best time in a 10 kilometer road race by over 5 minutes. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made that continues to provide me with a more rewarding and less stressful lifestyle today – while navigating the ever changing, challenging mortgage industry.

Here’s the Point: In 2018 and beyond, keep in mind that taking care of your physical health can also give you the energy, patience and mental health to help you achieve your financial goals.

Irma The Monster

Were you really ready?  

hurricane irma

According to the National Hurricane Center, Irma is among the strongest hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean and one of the five most forceful storms to hit the Atlantic basin in 82 years.  Her size covers the entire State of Florida at least more than two times.  And just when you think she may by-pass your home or where you are located, the outer edges of Irma’s vastness introduce tornadoes more powerful than the pulverizing winds of the hurricane itself – and major flooding takes place from the storm surge waves and heavy rain deluge!

As the behemoth approaches, we see images of the path of devastation she leaves behind.  These heartbreaking scenes prepare us for the worst, and yet most of us will never experience the true wrath of the storm like those who have lost everything.  Imagine if those who were not so lucky elected to forgo obtaining wind insurance for their homes and possessions? 

We all quickly get our priorities straight by:

  • Having a clear plan of action to keep your family safe
  • Storing up on food, water and other emergency supplies
  • Boarding up our homes and securing our possessions

But as the behemoth slowly inches away and subsides, count your blessings and know that things could have been way worse.  You know there are things you could have done beforehand that you did not do this time around.  Hurricane Season is not over yet – so you have another chance to prepare.

Here’s the Point: While everything is fresh in your mind, update your “hurricane to-do list” now.

Will You Trust Me?

Isn’t that really the key question we are asking our clients when we meet them for the first time? Yet most of us are, appropriately, not so candid with our word selection. We would all acknowledge the importance of that initial greeting: the eye contact, the handshake, and the opening dialogue – all of which could be very different depending on our instincts and sense of the other person.

We get better at this with experience, or even perhaps with age. The question is whether we are consistent, or if we sometimes lose a little focus and leave an unintended impression.

Don’t forget how essential it is for your client to interview you. If you are a mortgage broker, lender, accountant or financial consultant, your client prospect needs to decide whether they can trust you with highly confidential information – i.e., their tax returns, social security number, bank statements, pay-stubs, divorce papers, bankruptcy documents or all of the above. If you make one odd gesture or leave them with a tiny bit of uncertainty, they are not likely to call you back – nor should they.

But if you are a borrower or investor looking for a trusted advisor, it’s a two-way street. Your prospective advisor is interviewing you for the same purpose. Leaving an impression that you have not been entirely forthright may require you to settle for a less professional or inexperienced advisor.

You will know if an acceptable level of mutual trust has been gained.

Here’s the Point: Trust must be earned, not expected – and it won’t be immediately or fully granted, regardless of your reputation.

The Light of Rotary

There is a tradition at a local Rotary Club (the original Rotary Club of Vero Beach) wherein an award is presented each year at Christmas to the member who exhibited “Service Above Self” – someone who has clearly exhibited the true meaning of “giving” in the Club over the past year. The emphasis is mainly on personal volunteer efforts, with the focus on active involvement in a cause that helped local charities.

The recipient of the Light of Rotary Award receives well-deserved recognition for his or her contributions, including a prize in the form of an idiosyncratic lamp that has a very colorful history. Their name is engraved on this trophy, which also lists the other exemplary recipients before them. It is fitting that the award be a lamp, because the good deeds performed were truly meant to light-up the lives of those less fortunate in the community.

One of the expectations is for each recipient to leave a little of their personality with the lamp. It could be a surprise decoration hung from the shade, a flag or sticker affixed to the stem, or something else with special meaning. Such contributions have molded and transformed the lamp – as if to bring it to life as the perfect Rotarian.

Those most deserving of any humanitarian award are genuinely shocked when they find out they were selected as the recipient. Why? Because they had no expectation whatsoever about receiving it… their time and effort was truly for someone else’s benefit – and not their own.

Here’s the Point: ’Tis the season to give freely to others like never before – with no expectation of gratitude, but rather to just feel good about helping someone else.

Mortgages Can Be Like FISH!

Imagine if you could change your outlook on getting a mortgage – such that it actually became exciting? The topic may not be so incredibly gripping, but the message delivery can change everything.

The next time you go into the office, wouldn’t it be more fun to bring levity to an assignment?  You can still take your job seriously, without taking yourself too seriously.

Wouldn’t your clients and colleagues remember you more if you make their day?  How about complimenting someone today in a clever way that they will not soon forget.

Is it possible that your attitude could change by just showing up?  Watch what happens when you arrive on time and truly focus on what someone is saying to you.


Dr. Stephen C. Lundin

Dr. Stephen C. Lundin has written a number of bestselling books, including FISH!  It’s a must-read motivational book about these concepts, and is based on the business success story of Seattle’s world famous Pike Place Fish Market.  I was able to experience this Market several years ago when I was financing the construction of a nearby shopping center.  You have to see this place, their superb customer service skills, and how they mesmerize the audience by throwing and catching fish to be packaged and distributed.

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen this week.  He is teaching a 7 session course on Leadership through the Indian River Chamber of Commerce, and the introductory session was engaging, fascinating, and fun – and well worth the time for anyone.

Here’s the Point: “Life is too precious to be passing through to retirement.”
– Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D.

It Goes Without Saying . . .

This is a great opportunity to formally introduce my new Compliance Officer, Robert Almquist. Robert has been my Vice President of Legal & Marketing since the inception of Ocean Mortgage Capital.  Although his responsibilities have always included compliance and industry regulations, it was fitting to also give him this official title.  Some of his related words of wisdom are shared with you below.


Every enforceable contract contains “express” terms. In the case of a written contract, those are the terms that are put into words and inserted into the document.

However, it is impossible to document every detail of a complex agreement or to anticipate every possible contingency that may arise. Further, many agreements provide for some discretion on the part of the parties. (A lease agreement may provide that the tenant may sublet “with the prior consent of the landlord”, however the lease may be silent as to when the landlord may withhold that consent).

To resolve disputes over agreements that are not explicit on key contract terms, or which leave discretion to a party, courts have recognized certain “implied” terms in contracts. (With respect to the “prior consent” example above, courts will usually find it was implied that consent would not be unreasonably withheld).

The most important of implied contract terms is known as “the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing”. Simply put, each party to a contract must act in good faith and deal with the other party fairly.

(I want to emphasize that the foregoing is not legal advice and is for informational purposes only. If you have a contract issue that you think may involve breaches of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, you should consult with legal counsel in your jurisdiction.)

Here’s the Point: Parties to contracts must be aware that, in addition to the “express” terms, there are “implied” terms, the most important of which is the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

You Didn’t Get The Credit For Your Idea … Again

Aston Martin DBS VolanteSome idiot came up with the phrase:

“What goes around, comes around”

Sorry if that’s an expression you use and like, but I find that people use it far too often – and it is too negative.  It suggests that you hope someone gets what you think they deserve – i.e., retribution for taking credit for the hard work you put in.  Is that really what you wish for your colleague, your boss, your client in 2014?  I’m not the expert in advising people on having a successful career, but why not follow these steps instead:

  1. Learn everything you can about your business
  2. Set realistic broad-based and measurable goals, and refer to them constantly (see below for my broad-based goals as an example)
  3. Follow a simple marketing plan having at least 3 key initiatives
  4. Strive to create win-win solutions for your colleagues and clients


  1. Don’t believe that only you know the answer
  2. Never compromise your integrity
  3. Focus on your actions and not the results

AND FINALLY – Stay Focused on Your Goals:

  • To create a legacy for your family, whether they elect to go into your business or not
  • To remain interactive with people at all levels and active in the community
  • To maintain peace of mind, independence and market intelligence
  • And, of course: To afford an Aston Martin DBS Volante (okay fine, unrealistic)
Here’s the Point:  “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.” – Ronald Reagan

P.S. – Be sure to check out our revised Website at

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