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Recently, the Realtors Association of Indian River County asked its Affiliate Members to think of a unique way to market their services to Realtors. The Affiliate Council came up with a clever marketing ploy that allowed the Affiliates to professionally brag a little - and to add some color that might allow the Realtors to get to know them better.  Each Affiliate was required to answer the same two questions, and the Realtors were given a chance to win some money if they could prove they had studied the answers in advance.  I hope you don't mind me sharing the questions and my responses, offering a slightly different approach for this month's newsletter!

1.  What is one thing about your company that you would like REALTORS ® to know? (Answer is limited to 100 words.)

There is talk among REALTORS that my company is focused on “outside-the-box” loans for borrowers having lower credit, less liquidity, or other factors that prevent them from qualifying for conventional financing.


90%+ of the mortgage business conducted by Ocean Mortgage is conforming loans at interest rates and closing speeds that are typically unbeatable.  Yes, we have private and reverse mortgage lenders to help those in tougher situations.  But since few, if any, banks along the Treasure Coast of Florida have programs that help people who get turned down – we don’t turn anyone away!

2. What is a fun fact about yourself? (Answer is limited to 100 words.)

Prior to starting Ocean Mortgage in 2012, the last transaction I completed was the acquisition and financing of a 60-story Class AAA downtown office tower – one of the largest buildings in Canada.  But the most rewarding business in my career, by far, has been helping people get the best mortgage – at an average loan size of $189,000. 

For those who prefer financing multi-billion dollar properties in the largest cities in the world for enormously wealthy pension funds and bureaucratic corporations… they can have that job!

Here’s the Point:  Find out who your mortgage broker really is by asking them a couple of non-traditional questions.

Mike Kanuka, Founder & President

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