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Leadership Humility

dan quiggle

Dan Quiggle

I recently attended a NAIOP/ULI Joint Program and Trade Show that featured Dan Quiggle, President & CEO of America’s Choice Title Company, as a guest speaker. Having worked in Ronald Reagan’s post-presidential office, Dan’s message was focused on leadership – primarily based on what he had learned from one of the most respected U.S. presidents in history.

Dan did a great job, and was clearly motivating in his delivery. In my opinion, the key take-away for the audience was to remember Reagan’s four leadership attributes: loyalty, attitude of gratitude, humor and humility. While there was no particular order of importance, the most time was spent discussing humility – which I think was quite appropriate.

Humility is the oftentimes neglected quality of being humble. Aside from the modesty part, humility also involves being respectful to others and admitting when you are wrong. Granted, as a leader you don’t necessarily want to have the reputation of constantly apologizing, but leading by humility garners the most respect from your employees, colleagues and clients, as well as your family and friends – guaranteed.

With the upcoming election, don’t go away thinking that this article is slanted towards a Republican vote (not that that would be a bad thing!). But the world would be a better place if we all, Republicans and Democrats, Chairmen and Managing Directors, Borrowers and Lenders, and Real Estate Brokers and Mortgage Brokers, followed these obvious leadership qualities – especially humility.

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