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Irma The Monster

Were you really ready?  

hurricane irma

According to the National Hurricane Center, Irma is among the strongest hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean and one of the five most forceful storms to hit the Atlantic basin in 82 years.  Her size covers the entire State of Florida at least more than two times.  And just when you think she may by-pass your home or where you are located, the outer edges of Irma’s vastness introduce tornadoes more powerful than the pulverizing winds of the hurricane itself – and major flooding takes place from the storm surge waves and heavy rain deluge!

As the behemoth approaches, we see images of the path of devastation she leaves behind.  These heartbreaking scenes prepare us for the worst, and yet most of us will never experience the true wrath of the storm like those who have lost everything.  Imagine if those who were not so lucky elected to forgo obtaining wind insurance for their homes and possessions? 

We all quickly get our priorities straight by:

  • Having a clear plan of action to keep your family safe
  • Storing up on food, water and other emergency supplies
  • Boarding up our homes and securing our possessions

But as the behemoth slowly inches away and subsides, count your blessings and know that things could have been way worse.  You know there are things you could have done beforehand that you did not do this time around.  Hurricane Season is not over yet – so you have another chance to prepare.

Here’s the Point: While everything is fresh in your mind, update your “hurricane to-do list” now.
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