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A Key Question For Your Real Estate Agent

Does the Seller truly have the authority to sell the property to me?

No ProblemSounds pretty basic, but your real estate agent may not have asked the question. If they have, they probably took the word of the listing agent that there “shouldn’t be a problem”.

One of the biggest red flags is having a Seller who is a trustee. Not only should you quickly confirm that the declaration of trust, or trust agreement, exists and is fully executed (by all appropriate parties), but that the agreement hasn’t expired or been revoked. Without such confirmation, a whole host of issues could arise that might cast a shadow on whether you or your lender will receive clean title. And, by the way, the Seller’s name on the title report needs to match the owner of record on both the chain of title and appraisal.

Worst Case? Your lender will decline the loan based on an unacceptable title report, and you will have wasted untold amounts of time and money on a property that was just never going to close.

Best Case? Your closing will be delayed until the title company, escrow agent, attorneys, and lender can sort things out.

Finally, you might be surprised to find out later that your Seller would have been happy to provide you with certain documents you needed to satisfy yourself or your lender. All you needed to do was ask for a:

  • Survey
  • Owners policy of title insurance
  • Statement showing annual premiums for homeowners or flood insurance
  • Recent roof or wind mitigation report
Here’s the Point: Pay close attention to every insert made by the Seller in your Contract for Sale & Purchase, and don’t be afraid to ask your real estate agent lots of questions – you could save yourself a lot of time.

Mortgages Can Be Like FISH!

Imagine if you could change your outlook on getting a mortgage – such that it actually became exciting? The topic may not be so incredibly gripping, but the message delivery can change everything.

The next time you go into the office, wouldn’t it be more fun to bring levity to an assignment?  You can still take your job seriously, without taking yourself too seriously.

Wouldn’t your clients and colleagues remember you more if you make their day?  How about complimenting someone today in a clever way that they will not soon forget.

Is it possible that your attitude could change by just showing up?  Watch what happens when you arrive on time and truly focus on what someone is saying to you.


Dr. Stephen C. Lundin

Dr. Stephen C. Lundin has written a number of bestselling books, including FISH!  It’s a must-read motivational book about these concepts, and is based on the business success story of Seattle’s world famous Pike Place Fish Market.  I was able to experience this Market several years ago when I was financing the construction of a nearby shopping center.  You have to see this place, their superb customer service skills, and how they mesmerize the audience by throwing and catching fish to be packaged and distributed.

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen this week.  He is teaching a 7 session course on Leadership through the Indian River Chamber of Commerce, and the introductory session was engaging, fascinating, and fun – and well worth the time for anyone.

Here’s the Point: “Life is too precious to be passing through to retirement.”
– Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D.
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